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Acts of Peter 38: a Mythicist accusation

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 6:43 am
by Giuseppe

XXXVIII. And when they had hanged him up after the manner he desired, he began again to say: Ye men unto whom it belongeth to hear, hearken to that which I shall declare unto you at this especial time as I hang here. Learn ye the mystery of all nature, and the beginning of all things, what it was. ... peter.html

In the coptic fragment of the same book (of which I have the translation only in Italian and unfortunately I have not found an English version), immediately after the passage above, I read:

...learn everything that happened to Christ, and know the whole mystery of our salvation. Do not say that it is not true or that it does not exist; for I will show you the strength of Christ and his holy cross.

Hence, according to this version, I can infer that some people existed, who denied that "everything happened to Christ" existed.