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Re: Book review of Gilad Atzmon's The Wandering Who?

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 4:49 pm
by neilgodfrey
From Shuck and Jive

H/T GiladAtzmon
"We Are All Palestinians Now"


Holocaust Denier

Conspiracy Theorist

People are beginning to awaken to the fact that the name-calling is connected to the violent oppression. The name-calling and the smearing is the weapon the oppressors use to silence the resistance. When someone is labeled as an anti-Semite, Holocaust Denier, Conspiracy Theorist and what have you, then we don't need to listen to what they have to say. You don't need an argument. Call someone an icky name, then avoid them and tell others to avoid them.

The surprising thing is that the name-calling often comes from the mouths of those in opposition to the oppressors. When pro-Palestinian activists call other pro-Palestinian activists these names, then we know the true power of the oppressor. The oppressor controls the language of the opposition.

When I met with divestment activists in the Presbyterian Church (USA) four years ago, I was surprised when one of them told me that we can now use the word "occupation." When the divestment movement in the PCUSA had begun over a decade previous, calling what Israel was doing to Palestine "an occupation" was not allowed. I asked, "Who makes those rules?" The answer had to do with strategy and who might be offended and who would support and not support their particular goals and so on and so forth.

The rules are self-made and guided by the oppressors.

The oppressors allow the little victories as long as the truth of what keeps the oppressors in power is not allowed to be revealed. When someone like for instance, Gilad Atzmon, starts talking about the ideology behind the oppressors, then an artificial line that has been drawn by the oppressors is crossed. All forces are then unleashed to smear not only Mr. Atzmon but anyone who might even give him space to defend himself against such attacks.

Meanwhile, mass murder continues while churches in America either cheer it on, satisfy themselves with smaller goals that won't offend the sensitivities of the oppressors, or, as in most cases, remain deadly silent.

I do think people are beginning to awaken to the fact that the name-calling is connected to the violent oppression and that the name-calling says much more about the name-caller than the name-called. The next step is heart or courage. If we are going to dismantle the oppressor by dismantling their control of the discourse, then we must accept that we, too, will be smeared when we give space to those who cross the oppressors' line. This may affect our reputations, our jobs, our livelihoods.

But that is nothing compared to what is happening to our sisters and brothers in Gaza on this 70th anniversary of the ongoing Nakba. As Mr. Atzmon writes, "We are all Palestinians now."

Atzmon Confesses In Court That He Is A Lying Antisemitic POS

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 7:13 am
by JoeWallack
Hey Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon confesses in court that he made false/slanderous statements regarding antisemitism and agreed to pay monetary damages:


Note that after Atzmon's confession the plaintiff, the brave and truthful Gideon (will not) Falter felt comfortable declaring:
I have been able to set the record straight and expose one such antisemitic [POS] liar for what he truly is.”

I'll be waiting for Godfree to try and convince Atzmon that he is wrong and he is not an antisemitic liar.

Note the irony that Atzmon made the antisemitic lie that Falter manufactured antisemitism to make money for himself and by lying Atzmon made money for himself by manufacturing that antisemitism was manufactured:

Falter vs. Atzmon: Update
I asked for your support and was thrilled to find out how vast and kind your support was.


The New Porphyry


Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 9:43 am
by JoeWallack

Taking a look at Gilad Atzmon's Facebook page:

Just summarizing the first 5 posts:
  • 1) His conviction of making false/slanderous statements regarding antisemitism is a violation of freedom of speech.

    2) He supports a petition to ban British citizens from serving in the Israeli military (meanwhile an active British military officer was responsible for the ethnic cleansing/genocide (a real one) of Jews in East Jerusalem).

    3) Palestinian fagelahs with slingshots dance in defiance of (imaginary) Israeli snipers.

    4) Jewish settlers (supposedly) burn Palestinian olive trees (that Jews planted and raised).

    5) Israel providing aid to Syrians who are victims of Arab/Muslim crimes against humanity is evidence of Israeli discrimination.
The related comments on his facebook page are exponentially more antisemitic and disgusting. Apparently he never uses Facebook like every one else does to communicate with his mother or describe what he had for lunch.

While I still think that the best evidence for Atzmon being antisemitic is that Hamas members have disassociated with him for being too antisemitic, his Facebook page has convinced me that my description of him has been wrong. Instead of his being a lying antisemitic piece of shit I now think he is a fucking lying antisemitic piece of shit.


The New Porphyry